Local & Imported Spirits


Dos Artes - Reserva Especial Extra Anejo

Extremely smooth and a perfect sipping Extra Anejo Tequila. A must for any tequila collector, limited supply and quantity. Hints of vanilla and oak on the palate, with a smooth finish.

Dos Artes - Blanco

Made of 100% estate-grown blue weber agave for a perfectly smooth tequila. A flavorful tequila displayed in a unique hand-painted ceramic bottle. Enjoy in a classic margarita on the rocks.

Tierra Noble - Extra Anejo Exquisito

VIEW: Intense dark amber color, clean and bright with reddish sparkles, great grip in the glass forming tears and legs of great body.
NOSE: Very pleasant and soft on the nose with fruity and sweet aromas; notes of cooked agave, honey, vanilla, prune, chocolate, toasted almonds, apricot and tobacco in a perfect balance with woody notes.
PALATE: Soft on the palate, balanced and complex, with bitter chocolate flavors, nuts and red fruits, light tobacco and spices; long finish.
AGING: Up to 85 months in American White Oak Barrels

Tierra Noble - Anejo

VIEW: Intense amber color with shades of old gold, perfectly clean with a strong grip to the cup, resulting in a great body.
NOSE: Rich and complex; nice notes of wood, dehydrated fruits, vanilla and a light touch of chocolate.
PALATE: Superbly structured; creamy balance, silky, sweet and with subtle touches of dry fruit.
AGING: 24 – 36 months in French & American White Oak Barrels

Tierra Noble - Cristalino

VIEW: Translucent, with light golden flashes that recall its origin and rest, perfectly clean and bright, great grip in the glass forming tears and legs of great body.
NOSE: Very pleasant and soft, with a range of aromas ranging from fruit, sweet and citrus orange and grapefruit with notes of cooked agave honey, light vanilla and cocoa in a perfect balance of wood without exaggerating its presence.
PALATE: Soft on the palate, balanced and fresh, with a light cocoa flavor, fresh sweet peach and red fruits; great persistence on the palate.
AGING: 9-12 months in American White Oak Barrels

Tierra Noble - Reposado

VIEW: Perfect golden, bright and vivid, straw nuances, totally clean with a well-developed body.
NOSE: Rich and complex; nice notes of wood, dehydrated fruits, vanilla and a light touch of chocolate.
PALATE: Notes of prunes, toasted almonds, vanilla and light presence of dulce de leche.
AGING: 9-12 months in American White Oak Barrels

Tierra Noble - Blanco

VIEW: Bright crystalline with silver iridescence; with a high grip in the cup, showing great body.
NOSE: Well defined; strong presence of cooked Agave, herbal, mint and citrus notes, with a slight flash of anise.
PALATE: Soft and fresh of increasing intensity; notes of raw agave, a long finish, rich and balanced.

Casa Manglar Bottle

Casa Manglar Mezcal - Espadin

Origin: Estate Grown
Region: San Juan del Río, Oaxaca
Milling Method: Crushed by tahona.
Distillation: Twice in copper pot still
Distillation: 8-10 years

Casa Manglar Mezcal - Tobala

Origin: Wild
Region: San Juan del Río, Oaxaca
Milling Method: Crushed by tahona.
Distillation: Twice in copper pot still
Distillation: 8-10 years

Casa Manglar Madre Cuishe Bottle

Casa Manglar Mezcal - Madre Cuishe

Origin: Wild
Region: San Juan del Río, Oaxaca
Milling Method: Crushed by tahona.
Distillation: Twice in copper pot still
Distillation: 8-10 years

Casa Manglar Mezcal - Espadin y Tobala

Origin: Estate Grown/Wild
Region: San Juan del Río, Oaxaca
Milling Method: Crushed by tahona.
Distillation: Twice in copper pot still
Distillation: 8-10 years

Casa Manglar Mezcal - Espadin y Madre Cuishe

Origin: Estate Grown/Wild
Region: San Juan del Río, Oaxaca
Milling Method: Crushed by tahona.
Distillation: Twice in copper pot still
Distillation: 8-10 years

Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye

old settler bottle

Old Settler - No.1 Blend Kentucky Straight Bourbon

This specially selected high-rye Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey displays a pure auburn-mahogany color rimmed by a halo of yellow gold. Classic aromas of toasty oak, vanilla, dried plum, raisin and maple-caramel are complimented by hints of tobacco and baking spices. Rich flavors of sweet oak, vanilla, maple pecan, warmbaking spice and tobacco lead to a long, warmand deceptively softfinish.
Huling Station Bottle

Old Dominick - Huling Station Straight Bourbon

Huling Station Straight Bourbon opens with stone fruit, dark cherries, and creamy vanilla with a wisp of rye spice on the nose. The palate hints at cinnamon and rich caramel, as dry, subtle notes of pipe tobacco and velvety dark chocolate round out the finish.

4-year Small Batch High-Rye Bourbon, 52% Corn, 44% Rye, 4% Malted Barley.

Toddy Bottle

Old Dominick - Memphis Toddy Bourbon

Fresh ginger and warm honey give way to a light, peppery spice on the nose. The palate boasts cinnamon candy, toasted clove, ginger ale, honey, light white pepper, light cane sugar, allspice, lemon, orange and grapefruit. The finish is dry and warm, spicy and sweet, with creamy butterscotch fading away into white pepper.

DS Tayman - Blair Athol

Distillery: Blair Athol 1st Edition
Finish: Flam wine barrel
Age: 12
ABV: 46%
Nose: Mandarin oranges with creamy strawberry bon-bons and touches of salted caramel.
Palate: Smooth milk chocolate, balanced with dried cranberries, sweet sorbet and a light oiliness.
Finish: Long and delicate with meaty wine tannins coming through, gently warming you up.

DS Tayman Caol Bottle

DS Tayman - Caol Ila Second Edition

Distillery: Caol Ila
Finish: Flam wine barrel
Age: 12
ABV: 46%
Nose: Mild coffee grinds, well complemented by chocolate, with smoked brisket in the background.
Palate: Cappuccino foam, coupled with rhubarb, custard and a sprinkling of gentle sea salt.
Finish: Long and rich, with the smoky and rich coffee flavours, continuing to develop.

DS Tayman - Linkwood Second Edition

Distillery: Linkwood
Finish: Flam wine barrel
Age: 12
ABV: 46%
Nose: Baked apple, buttered crumpets, candied orange peel, with a backdrop of toasted oak.
Palate: A soft gentle sweetness, with creamy vanilla, sherbet and hints of sweet red berries.
Finish: A pinch of black pepper on strawberries, a silky mouth feel and a long spicy finish.

Griffo - Stout Barreled Whiskey

Inspired by our brewery friends, this whiskey blurs the lines. Organic corn offers the classic bourbon nutty sweetness while roasted malts craft the beloved chocolate, coffee stout profile. This exciting whiskey is then aged in Lagunitas stout beer barrels.

Nose: Fresh fig and chocolate
Fore Palate: Coffee bean and caramel
Mid Palate: Rich chocolate and toffee bar
Finish: Long finish that ends in espresso & chocolate with notes of tobacco

Griffo - Stony Point Whiskey

Grain mash bill: 55% organic, local corn, 30% organic, local rye, and 15% organic, local barley
Aging process: Aged in new American oak and French oak, medium charred barrels for under a year
Nose: Soft vanilla, hazelnut, light tangerine
Fore Palate: Clean cereal notes and slight nuttiness from organic grains
Mid Palate: Marzipan, peach custard,
rich caramel
Finish: Spicy rye, cigar box, ginger and a lingering sweetness

Two Bitch Bourbon - Small Batch With Bite

Straight Bourbon Whiskey blended to perfection. Released in limited edition batches with individvually numbered bottles.

Two Bitch Bourbon - Eureka Gold

Our continual line of Straight Bourbon Whiskey named after our hometown Eureka, Nevada – The Friendliest Town on The Loneliest Road in America!

Nose: Cinnamon, Charred Oak, Caramelized
Peach and Honeysuckle
Palate: Subtle Caramel Corn, Spiced Citrus,
Toasted Oak and Honey
Finish: Warm and semi-sweet finish, surprisingly light and crisp.

Two Bitch Bourbon - Pack Leader Reserve

Emerges from barrels that are truly remarkable. Released in limited edition batches with individually numbered bottles.

A mouthwatering aroma of vanilla and dark berries transcending into a palette of sweet baked goods. Hints of walnut, oak, licorice spice and increasing sweetness into a smooth finish.

Conviction - Single Barrel Bourbon

Conviction Small Batch Straight Bourbon is a sour mash whiskey in the old tradition. It is barreled at 105-proof and bottled at cask strength after a minimum of two years aging. It has a smooth, sweet finish with strong vanilla, clove and honey notes. Conviction is excellent for all fine whiskey drinking applications, from Neat and Rocks to creative craft cocktails as well as the time-tested standards. Conviction was awarded Best Bourbon Under Four Years at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival. It was awarded a Gold Medal at the MicroLiquor Spirit Awards and a Double Gold Medal at the Fifty Best Bourbons Competition.

Just LeDoux It - Bended Double Cask Blended Bourbon Whiskey

To create this unique blended bourbon whiskey we take a 4 year Indiana Bourbon and blend it with a 5 year Kentucky Whiskey, then double cask finish it in our Just LeDoux It red wine barrels. It is then bottled with crisp, clean water straight from a Wyoming Rocky Mountain aquifer at over 7,600 feet in altitude.

Just LeDoux It - Double Cask Straight Whiskey

To create this unique handcrafted whiskey we take a Kentucky Whiskey, aged no less than 4 years, then double cask finish it in our Just LeDoux It red wine barrels. It is then bottled with crisp, clean water straight from a Wyoming Rocky Mountain aquifer at over 7,600 feet in altitude.

Just LeDoux It - Cinnamon Honey Clove Flavored Whiskey

This unique flavored whiskey is handcrafted by infusing corn whiskey with all-natural Wyoming honey from the LeDoux Ranch in Johnson County and the Lazy Wrench Ranch in Sheridan County, natural cinnamon and natural clove. It is then bottled with crisp, clean water straight from a Wyoming Rocky Mountain aquifer at over 7,600 feet in altitude.

Iowa Legendary Rye - White Rye

Made in Carroll, Iowa Legendary Rye’s White Rye is amazingly smooth and slightly sweet. This light spirit is bottled straight off the still and would be sure to please vodka lovers. It is nothing like you have ever tasted, unless of course, you were around during Prohibition.

Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: A mixture of spice, grain and hints of floral sweetness
Taste: Slight spice surrounded by flavors of caramel, coconut and vanilla
Finish: long, mild heat

Iowa Legendary Rye - Private Reserve

Fans of our Aged Rye will be sure to love our Private Reserve Rye. Like our White Rye and Aged Rye, it’s made in a historically accurate 26 gallon custom still. It’s then aged in a previously used barrel for eight months and then transferred to a second used barrel for 12 months. The result is an extra level of smoothness usually found in a much more mature spirit.

Appearance: Rich Carmel
Aroma: Sweet aroma with fruit notes
Taste: Fruit-heavy theme with hints of vanilla and caramel
Finish: Lingering earthy tones with notes of root vegetables

Iowa Legendary Rye - White Rye

Iowa Legendary Rye Aged Rye begins life being distilled in small batches in 26 gallon custom built stills for an authentic historically accurate Prohibition-era taste. It then spends 18 months aging in new 15 gallon barrels. When Grandma Sextro was asked in her 90s why she used such a small barrel, her response was, “Have you ever tried to run from the Feds with a 40 gallon barrel?”

Appearance: Rich Carmel
Aroma: Soft wood and sweet citrus with a light nuttiness
Taste: Caramel, vanilla and honey with a pinch of spice
Finish: Earthy with a hint of raisin undertones

Mr. Whiskey - IPA Cask Finish Irish Whiskey

This Special Edition Irish Whiskey has been made from carefully selected Irish malted barley and grain which is triple distilled and blended in equal proportions.

Its rich taste and smoothness is achieved through double cask maturation in first-fill bourbon casks and finally rested in Irish IPA beer casks.

Aroma: Caramel, vanilla and spice with floral undertones.
Taste: Green fruit, toffee caramel, citrus and spice.
Finish: Cracked nuts, spice, and lingering caramel sweetness.

Ethan's Straight Bourbon

Ethan's Reserve - Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A blend of corn, rye and malted barley, along with pure limestone-filtered water, makes for a rich and smooth Bourbon.

Aged in charred American Oak barrels for 3 years.

Ethan's Reserve - Maple Whiskey

Grade A Maple syrup gives this small batch Bourbon Whiskey a sweet richness. Serve on the rocks or create seasonal cocktails.

Ethan's Reserve - Honey Whiskey

Pure natural alfalfa honey is added to smooth Bourbon Whiskey for a deliciously sweet liqueur, perfect for hot toddies and craft cocktails.


Tesseron Cognac - Lot 29 X.O. Exception

The rare jewel of the Tesseron collection of Cognacs. A unique blend of legendary Grande Champagne, the cream of our oldest and rarest stocks, lovingly aged for at least three generations. Balancing power and finesse, Exception has a floral bouquet, allied to chocolate and mocha notes. This is complemented by that elusive, ethereal nose which is so typical of only the very best old cognac. This subtle elixir has an extraordinarily long aftertaste, and its lovely amber highlights reflect its very slow ageing – the quintessence of elegance.

Tesseron Cognac - Lot 53 X.O. Perfection

A blend of our most sublime stocks of Grande Champagne Cognac. It has a sumptuous topaz color with a bouquet of plums, figs, and chocolate on the palate. This Cognac borders on perfection, finesse and complexity complemented by a refreshing lift on the finish.

Tesseron Cognac - Lot 76 X.O. Tradition

An exceptional blend of reserve stocks of Grande Champagne Cognac, matured to perfection in old casks. Lot N°76 immediately establishes its quality on the nose, which exhibits a wealth of caramelized peaches, almond and candied fruit aromas. This carries on magnificently through to the palate, with rich, delicate flavors of nuts and dried fruits – a wonderful range of tasteful sensations

Tesseron Cognac - Lot 53 X.O. Perfection

Lot N° 90 XO Selection owes its freshness and purity to the vivacity of our eaux-de-vies. It displays an especially attractive combination of vigor and complexity, which several ice cubes bring out perfectly – a first encounter with a great cognac. Made from the finest terroirs in Cognac –Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois – Lot N°90’s unique character comes from long ageing in oak barrels, which adds richness and complexity.

Tesseron Cognac - Passion XO

Over one century and four generations, the Tesseron family have developed a treasury of knowledge, tradition and family secrets to create a collection of exceptional XO cognacs. With this unique heritage as their guide, Alfred and Mélanie Tesseron, the current keepers of the family flame, are driven by a passion and their desire to share it with you. XO Passion is a unique blend created from the grape variety grown in their vineyards, Ugni Blanc. You, too, can discover the passion of cognac and enter the very private circle of those who enjoy Tesseron Cognac.
Tesseron Composition Bottle Image

Tesseron Cognac - Composition

Made solely with the two best “cru” of Cognac, Grande and Petite Champagne (also known as “Fine Champagne”), Composition reveals a truly magnificent terroir driven taste profile. Fresh, elegant, suave and aromatic, Composition is an artistic visionary work with a natural balance of strength, smoothness and all the attributes you can expect from a Cognac carefully crafted by the Tesseron family house.

Tesseron Cognac - Extreme Cognac

There are some secrets that only a privileged few of those in the know are lucky enough to share… The intense emotion you will feel on tasting this exceptional cognac originates from the beautiful slopes of the Grande Champagne vineyards, home to our Ugni Blanc, Folles Blanche and Colombard grapes.

Tesseron Cognac - Mini Sampler Set

A set of the four Tesseron classics, including Lot 29, Lot 53, Lot 76 and Lot 90.


Old Dominick - Memphis Vodka

Our ambitious pursuit of vodkas possessing uncompromising character originates from Domenico Canale’s passion for sharing fine spirits made from the choicest ingredients. Whether classically unadorned or infused with southern inspired botanicals and fruits, our Memphis Vodka can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as the illuminating base of a mixed drink. No matter how you enjoy, our Memphis Vodka is 80 proof of Pure Memphis.

OD Honeybell Bottle

Old Dominick - Honeybell Vodka​

A hybrid of sweet tangerine and bitter grapefruit, the Honeybell Orange has a flavor like nothing else on earth. Our Honeybell Citrus Vodka captures the sweetness of this rare fruit’s luscious juice, as well as the bright bitterness of its deep orange zest. Our Honeybell Citrus Vodka is 80 proof and one hundred percent Pure Memphis.

Moses - Kosher Vodka

Moses Vodka was originally created to be the first super premium vodka certified kosher all-year-round. The brand has since evolved to be something far greater, a symbol of faith, history, tradition, and culture. As Moses did himself, the brand is built to represent similar values and characteristics, such as leadership, innovation, and integrity. These qualities are all present in every product of the Moses family, each in its own unique way.

Moses - Kosher Date Vodka

Dates are among fruits with the longest recorded history and a significant part of many ancient cultures, having, for example, been mentioned more than 50 times in the Bible. Yet Moses is the only brand in the world to have a date flavored spirit. This award-winning product contains all-natural date syrup which is infused in a sugar beet spirit and mixed with the softest and cleanest ground water in the world.

Iowa Legendary Rye - Vodka

Iowa Legendary Rye’s rye vodka is truly unique. Its distilled using a modified vodka flute on our same custom stills, it is then distilled twice and charcoal filtered for purity. Each run is created in small batches and hand-crafted for some of the finest tasting vodka you will find. With its slight rye taste and a tingling finish, it’s a vodka unlike any other.

Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: Light sweetness with a trace of grain
Taste: Soft, mild grain with a slight spice
Finish: A tingle that gives away the rye quality


Isle of harris bottle

Isle of Harris Gin

The award-wining Isle of Harris Gin is distilled in Tarbert in a small copper gin still, known as ‘The Dottach’. Named after a similarly small and feisty local woman who is fondly remembered in Harris.

The gin uses nine botanicals including Sugar Kelp seaweed which creates subtle coastal notes in the spirit. Sugar kelp is harvested by a local diver from the seas around the Outer Hebrides.

Distillerie Du St. Laurent - Gin

St. Laurent Gin is a breath of salt-sea air, of powerful herbaceous and floral notes interspersed by a pine aroma reminiscent of the Quebec boreal forest. It’s a complex gin born of an unlikely union of spices hailing from the four corners of the globe and seaweed of the St. Lawrence River.

A mellow and aromatic approach: the juniper is gently unveiled without harshness, then gives way to grassy notes, pepper and candied citrus. A long woody finish, slightly saline, a signature of the laminaria seaweed infusion.

Distillerie Du St. Laurent - Gin Vieux

St. Laurent Gin is a breath of salt-sea air, of powerful herbaceous and floral notes interspersed by a pine aroma reminiscent of the Quebec boreal forest. It’s a complex gin born of an unlikely union of spices hailing from the four corners of the globe and seaweed of the St. Lawrence River. Each month, a tiny part of our St. Laurent Gin production is transferred to ex-whisky casks. Thus, after resting for more than a year in oak barrels, our famous Gin infused with laminaria seaweed becomes St. Laurent Gin Vieux.
St Laurent Citrus Bottle

Distillerie Du St. Laurent - Gin Citrus

St. Laurent Gin Citrus is the culmination of this delirious experiment! Inspired by their discoveries on the coasts of Japan and Vietnam, the artisans of Distillerie du St. Laurent present a citrus Gin cold distilled in an experimental vacuum still. The result is a crisp & fresh Gin, where the bouquets of juniper and citrus intermingle into a lively mint finish. The aromas of the best ingredients of the world vacuum distilled with know-how and passion in Canada.

A crisp and tangy Gin where the aromas of juniper, citrus and fresh herbs intermingle and give way to a minty finish. Smooth texture provided by the abundance of citrus essential oils.

Griffo - Barreled Gin

Our Gold Medal winning Scott Street Gin aged in beautiful French oak Chardonnay barrels. Pulled from the barrel just before the oak takes over, this is likely the most delicate and beautiful barreled gin you will ever taste.

Nose: Melon and lemongrass
Fore Palate: Apple and Citrus
Mid Palate: Herbal, wood, grape, pear and baking spice
Finish: Spice, butter, earth and apple

Griffo - Scott Street Gin

Botanicals: Italian wild grown juniper, organic coriander, organic grains of paradise, organic Meyer lemons, organic licorice root, organic cinnamon, organic tailed pepper, organic angelica root
Base: non-gmo corn alcohol (92 proof)
Awards: Gold Medal, SF World Spirits Competition

Nose: Bright citrus with sweetness from juniper
Fore Palate: Juniper that shines with a fresh complexity from grains of paradise
Mid Palate: Light & bright coriander, hints of Meyer lemon & angelica root
Finish: Earthy-tailed pepper finish, round summery softness accented with spice

Formula 10 bottle

Old Dominick - Formula No. 10 Gin

Whether you like the suave sophistication of a gin martini or the bracing bitterness of a classic Negroni, Old Dominick’s Formula No. 10 is the perfect base for your favorite gin cocktail. Or give it a try over ice; this exquisite gin was built to sip.

Infused with juniper, coriander, angelica root, licorice root, grapefruit peel, chamomile, orris root, and ginger root, this southern-made gin is earthy, sweet and complex. Juniper dominates the nose, balanced by whispers of citrus that transition to sweet licorice on the palate. The sweet, smooth finish is rounded out by hints of black pepper.

Moses - Kosher Gin

Traditionally the cornerstone of authentic Gin is Juniper Berries. In Finland, Juniper berries have a unique purity to them due to its clean, untapped forests. The dstinctive character of this Gin comes from the perfect balance of the dry tone brought by the berries, and the mildly sweet notes from the sugar beet. The cleanest ground water in the world ensures an unparalleled end result.


Noire Bottle

Noire Rum - Fine French Style Rum

As a third-generation Louisiana timber farmer, our distiller found himself obsessed with the potential for unique flavor profiles that could be obtained from other varieties of hardwoods. Using trees planted by his own father and grandfather, he began experimenting with Noire’s aging process. The unique combination of charred ancestral hardwoods and Louisiana fruit trees has resulted in an entirely uncommon and delicious flavor profile. Bourbon enthusiasts will appreciate the full-bodied flavor that our maturation journey produces.

Take a sip; it’s just like coming home after a jaunt in the orchard woods

Fifolet - Spiced Flavored Rum

Our newest member of the Heritage Line, Fifolet, is re-defining what spiced rum is known for. Warm, smooth, and just a little sweet, this is not a rum you should expect to find on a pirate ship.

Instead, think of this as a taste of days gone by. Boasting flavors of the old French South, this lively rum is full of character. Coffee, vanilla beans, and cinnamon (to name a few) make it easy to sip and stir.

Sweet Crude Bottle

Sweet Crude Rum - French Style Rum

Sweet Crude is our small batch white rum perfect for mixing in your next cocktail. We take pride in the fact that no molasses is used during this fermentation, resulting in a clean, refreshingly light flavor that’s easy to sip and mix.

The favored spirit used to create Lafayette’s official cocktail, The Rouler. Gluten free, but lacking nothing in crisp flavor. Winner of the Washington Cup Spirits Competition, Sweet Crude is sought-after by local and international rum enthusiasts alike.

Liqueurs & Other Spirits

Griffo - Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

What do you get when you mix beautifully roasted Equator’s Mokajava Coldbrew Coffee with Griffo Distillery? A next level coffee liqueur, perfect to sip neat, as a surprising twist in a cocktail, or poured over some vanilla bean ice cream.

92 Points – Wine Enthusiast
100 Spirits of 2018 – Wine Enthusiast
Good Food Award

Nose: Dark chocolate
Fore Palate: Espresso
Mid Palate: Berries with hints of almond
Finish: Long-lasting caramel finish

Cormac Farm - Irish Cream

Light brown color. Creamy aromas of coconut confection, malted milk ball, chocolate candy, and toffee with a creamy, soft, very sweet medium body and a graceful, crisp toasted almond, coffee yogurt, and Neapolitan ice cream finish. A creamy, confected liqueur to spike coffee and hot chocolate.