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  • Country: Italy
  • About: Mamamango is a refreshing mixture of 95% Moscato, a semi-sparkling dessert wine, and 5% mango pureé. Double pleasure, unique taste, the new fruit drink with a quality that is all Italian!

    This wonderfully refreshing wine has a full, fruity flavor and is an excellent alternative to a mimosa. It pairs perfectly with desserts and Sunday brunches - and Mamamango is delightful by itself as well!

    Only high quality ingredients are used in order to please even the most discerning palates. Also try the cocktail versions for an after dinner drink among friends.


MJ Sweiss, LLC
2655 N 37th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85009
Phone:(602) 272-1142 - Fax:(602) 272-1155

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